Program 2016 / přijaté příspěvky

Libor Běhounek. Determinate truth in the fuzzy plurivaluationistic account of vagueness
Matej Drobňák. The criterion of naturalness and a new sceptical challenge
J. Michael Dunn. Informational Interpretations of the Ternary Accessibility Relation
Marie Duží and Pavel Materna. Validity and applicability of Leibniz’s law of substitution of identicals
Christian Fermüller. Extracting Logical Consequence Relations From Semi-Abstract Argumentation Frames
Rea Golan. Is there a Neutral Meta-language?
Berta Grimau. Making Sense of Superplurals
Ulf Hlobil. When Structural Principles Hold Merely Locally
Haythem Ismail. Four Remarks on Relations and Predication
Matthias Jenny. Bilateralism vs. One World: How to Solve Carnap’s Problem
Ahmad Karimi. Yablo-like Brandenburger-Keisler Paradox in Epistemic Game Theory
Ansten Klev. Truthmaker semantics: Fine versus Martin-Löf
Ekaterina Kubyshkina. Ignorance without K(nowledge)
Nils Kurbis. Bilateralist Detours: From Intuitionist Logic to Classical Logic and Back
Greg Lauro. Iterated Reflection in Axiomatic Theories of Truth
Mateusz Łełyk and Bartosz Wcisło. Strong Extensions of Basic Compositional Theory of Truth
Pawel Lupkowski, Michal Peliš and Ondrej Majer. Epistemic Erotetic Search Scenarios
Rossella Marrano. Vagueness, graded truth and pairwise valuations
Carlo Nicolai. Nonclassical Theories of Truth and Non-semantic Patterns of Reasoning
Hermógenes Oliveira. Revisiting Dummett’s Proof-Theoretic Justification Procedures
Eugenio Orlandelli and Norbert Gratzl. Double-line harmony in a sequent setting
Jaroslav Peregrin. What is the role of logic in epistemology? An inferentialist view.
Mattia Petrolo and Paolo Pistone. A normal paradox
Thomas Piecha and Peter Schroeder-Heister. The Definitional View of Atomic Systems in Proof-Theoretic Semantics
Martin Pleitz. Tense Logicism
Adam Přenosil. Extracting truth from falsehood
Vít Puncochář. First-Order Generalized Inquisitive Semantics
Lorenzo Rossi. Irreflexive Validity
Igor Sedlár. A non-classical PDL on the cheap
Lionel Shapiro. The Very Idea of a Substructural Approach to Paradox
Frederik Van De Putte. Coarse Deontic Logic and Free Choice Permission
Zach Weber. Paraconsistent Measurement of the Circle
Alexandra Zinke. A Hierarchy of Logical Constants